Photographs for “Die zweite Stimme” magazine campaign

May, 23 2018

Dear long-term-survivors,

twice a year the “Deutsche Stiftung für Eierstockkrebs” publishes their magazine “Die zweite Stimme”. For the upcoming (Q4 2018/Q1 2019) issue we are looking for photos of long-term-survivors to bolster up affected women.

Beside this campaign, where we would like you to send in your personal photos, we are going to additionally hire a professional photographer for fall/autumn 2018 to shoot portraits of our patients.

Our main goal is to set up a circulating exhibition with the collection of these artistically staged photos.

We would like to point out the strong women who are constantly fighting against ovarian cancer.

Please feel free to get to us with our contact form.


Prof. Sehouli Discusses Unmet Needs in Ovarian Cancer

January 08, 2018

Jalid Sehouli, MD, professor, director of the Clinic Campus Virchow and Campus Benjamin Franklin Charité Center Gynecology, Charité – Universitatsmedizin Berlin, discusses the unmet needs for patients with ovarian cancer.

There are many unmet needs, says Sehouli, because patients with ovarian cancer live longer but the cure rate still remains low. Increasing the standard of care could improve patient outcomes since not all patients receive the adequate treatment, explains Sehouli.

Further biomarker development could improve the identification of patients who need a maintenance approach.

Prof. Jalid Sehouli, Berlin, to new study results about ovarian cancer from ESGO-Kongress 2017

11. November 2017

Last year’s congress of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology has brought new results for curative treatment of advanced ovarian cancer – the most common cause of ascites. Patients can soon benefit by a new targeted therapy. Furthermore there has also been a transition to more lymph node obtaining surgeries.

Besides that Prof. Sehouli presents the interesting results of a medical survey about therapy goals and preferences of patients with ovarian cancer (German):




Support for Expression VI

Septembre 2017

Dear Patient,

the project Carolin meets Hanna is very important to us and apart from the survey in different countries we would like to carry out various scientific analyses of the affected women in Germany, for which we need your support. These include analyses of the immune system, tumor biology, vitamin metabolism and new prognostic factors. Our financial resources are limited to the current scope of the project.

We need your support to print the questionnaires in different languages ​​and to expand the project.

On the homepage of you have the opportunity to support the project. You are also welcome to use the donation button on this page.  

We are happy to inform you in detail about the individual projects and thank you for your support.